Our Clients

PMC is a mining consulting company providing professional advice and technical services on mining project development and mining operation optimization in Canada, Asia and worldwide. PMC’s main office is located at Vancouver, Canada; PMC also has a procurement and business development team in Beijing, China.  

PMC’s team is compact structured to listen, communicate, and follow up with our clients.  The long-term collaboration between PMC members ensures high quality work products and processes.  Expertise, trust, and success are what makes PMC’s business model a success. PMC’s team provides qualified services to our global clients who include mining investors, investment banks and mining companies.  If you are one of those or you want to get reliable mining professional advice, PMC is where you should stop by and have a chat.  Please just simply send us an inquiry email (ting.lu@pmcmining.com). We will be more than happy to hear from you. 

Mining Investors

Investment Banks

PMC’s team will help to enhance your decision-making process with confidence by offering independent and timely analysis of background information on target mining properties, professional advice based on our best practiced due diligence, as well as efficient communication with the target properties and the investors.

Mining Companies
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PMC’s team can provide comprehensive due diligence services for the serious inventors including investment banks. PMC’s team follows industry best standards in their investigations and report their observations and recommendations in an unbiased way.


PMC’s team will support any scale projects at any development stage with their over 35 years of mining experience in geology, mineral processing, and procurement.


For developed mines, PMC team has been proudly participated in water treatment, process optimization, and tailings reprocessing. PMC’s team is ready to help with the new technologies to improve and ease your daily operations.